The Production of Yeast

Yeast Production

Yeast production takes approximately five days from start to finish. The energy source for yeast growth is cane molasses. Yeast also needs minerals, vitamins and salts for growth.


Yeast production starts with a pure culture. This yeast serves as the inoculum for the lab fermentor before being transferred to a larger seed fermentor. The next fermentation steps involve a series of progressively larger fermentation tanks.


At the end of fermentation, the liquid is separated, washed with water and stored as cream yeast at a low temperature. Cream yeast can be loaded directly into tankers for delivery to customers.


Cream yeast can also be pumped to a rotary vacuum filter and de-watered to a cake-like consistency, before being extruded and packaged as compressed yeast.


For dry yeast, the compressed cake is loaded into fluid bed dryers, where warm air is passed through. This results in fine vermicelli-like particles, which are then packaged into sachets.

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