Learn more about Yeast – 3-What happens when kneading



What happens when kneading


What Happens When Kneading?

Will produce a tight, dense loaf of small volume

Will cause the gluten strands to be stretched excessively and the mesh-like structure of the gluten to collapse.

Fold the dough over from the far side toward you

Firmly push the dough away, using the heels of the hands.  Turn ball of dough one-quarter of a turn to repeat continuously.

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What Happens In The Oven?

1.    Bubbles of carbon dioxide expand when heat is applied and the gluten is stretched. If the baking process continues the gluten coagulates and sets.

2.    Yeast is then destroyed by heat and no  more Carbon dioxide is produced.

3.    A brown crust forms because:

  • Starch changes to dextrin.
  • Sugar caramelises.

4.    Starch cells absorb water and gelatinise.