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Corn Cheese Fritters

Makes: 24 Corn Cheese Fritters
Preparation Time: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Frying: In hot oil, until golden brown
240 g Cake flour (2 X 250 ml / 2 cups)
3 ml Salt (½ tsp)
5 ml Sugar (1 tsp)
3 ml Maggi seasoning (½ tsp)
10 g Anchor Instant Yeast (1 packet)
60 ml Oil (4 tbsp)
125 ml Warm milk (½ cup)
80 ml Cold water (⅓ cup)
2   Large eggs, beaten
200 g Whole kernel
100 g Cheddar cheese (200 ml), grated
    Oil, to fry
  1. Mix flour, salt, sugar and Maggi seasoning together. Add the Anchor Instant Yeast and mix.
  2. Mix the oil, the warm milk and water together and add the beaten egg.
  3. Add the liquid to the flour mixture and beat until smooth and free of lumps.
  4. Add the kernel and the cheese and mix well. Cover the bowl with plastic and rest for 8 – 10 minutes.
  5. Knock down and warm a little oil in a fry pan. Place spoonfuls of the batter into the warm oil and fry gently for 5 minutes. When bubbles occur on the surface turn the fritter over and fry the other side until golden brown.
  6. Remove and drain on paper towel. Serve warm with favourite sauce.